ReSHARP™ anytime knife sharpening
Restores the FACTORY EDGE in 60 seconds
Restores the
in 60 seconds

Located at Hassett Ace Hardware 875 Alma St, Palo Alto, CA
Knife sharpening hours: 9am-6pm 7 days a week

(650) 381-1671

A truly sharp knife is a pleasure to use.

Automated Knife Sharpening Service

We sharpen your dull kitchen knives.
Our patented system restores a factory edge on your knife in 60 seconds, in the store, while you wait.

Our sharpening engine scans the edge of your knife and grinds a perfectly controlled, burr-free bevel back onto the knife edge, using grinding technology developed in Sheffield, England.

ReSHARP knife cutting tomatoes

Our Sharpening Services

We only sharpen European and American knives
(no Japanese, no scissors)